World Error

by Lintech

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released June 30, 2011

All Music by Lintech except "Surface Cause" by Lintech and The Roadside Bums.

Mixed by Wilbert Tan & Maggs
Mastered by Bong Tan

2011 © La Magra Productions Inc.



all rights reserved


Lintech Manila, Philippines

Spy Music Lintech

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Track Name: People
There are many windows but there aren't any people.
This is the Art of Silence.

The city is full but where are the people?
Gone are the times when everywhere was just so crowded.

I am here, But I am not a person.
I am guilty of the silence.
I killed them all you see, All the people.
But now the silence haunts me.

I am not a person, The Killer of the people
I despise them all you see
Now gone they are all, All the people
All thats left are the windows and the silence.
The silence.

Now they're all gone, All the people
I'm left with nothing but the windows
And the silence.

And the stench.

The world is safe now, because there aren't any people
They're the ones that destroy this world you see

The poltics, hypocrisy
Made by the people
Pushing their dominance to me
Well they're all gone now
All their idiocy, mediocrity
I don't really mind the silence
Track Name: Life of a Black Swan
Away over there
Someones at the corner
Sipping tea
Watching over me

I can never seem to fray
What I've started today
And all the things others hold dear
I can't seem to stand near enough to kill it

Turning turning like a clock you are
Burning burning like a church you are
Bleeding bleeding like a pig you are
Dying dying like a star you are


I believe this is my life
I'll do what I think is right
Fuck you who do you think you are?
Telling me while your afar

We'll I wanna live, this is my life
I did'nt tell you who you're supposed to be
Why do you tell me what I'm supposed to see

Turning burning bleeding dying like a black swan

Oh no the stars are home
They've come from origins unknown
Hey wait can't you see?
Come with me hey I'll go with you

Turn this key inside of me
Let it all out, but there's a fee
Release it by hope and fear
Turn around and it starts to kill

I'm a black swan, you're a black swan, we are all black swans